It seems the media is powerful and many people could be afraid of them. The media has certain rights and privileges that are given to them so they can practice their profession. But as it can also know sensitive information that for example can destroy the reputation of one person then they should not be able to release the issue. But there are also the type of news that is considered for the public so they are aired even if it exposes the act of one person like the president. That is why media is also being regulated.

The print media is somewhat different as they do not have much regulation so they can put anything they want in the newspaper. But there are certain things that should be considered as they could be imposed as laws and those who violate them have to suffer for it. The laws are common to countries around the world but there are things that are done differently. But one of the common thing that should not be done is defamation. In some countries, they could be treated as a civil case but in others, it is a criminal law.

The defamation case includes the sometimes commonly heard term that is slander and defamation in the news report. The regulation imposed in the broadcast media is more than the print media.

Some of the things that the media could not do are to broadcast a program that is considered as obscene in any time or the one that is indecent one for particular hours. They should also not air the use of profane languages at some hours.