The use of mass media at this time is very rampant. Around the world, you can see households who have their television turned on or they are listening to the radio. The use of computer also is very common and especially with the use of the internet. Or one can be able to read a newspaper to get news and also information.  You can also include magazines. All of these are considered as mass media. The ones that are used for an information to reach the majority number of the population of people around the world is the mass media.


People use the mass media to have information regarding issues that could be considered as political or the social issues. It can be also for entertainment as the mass media commonly have them.

The mass media has also its own beginning through the newspaper. It is the one that is widely circulated and the most common source of information. Its publication is essential as it is the only form of mass media together with magazines and other printed materials.

But then the radio also was invented and was used to deliver news and all kinds of information and also provide entertainment.

We all know that use of the radio also declined and it is not the major source of information already as the television was invented and it became the better form of mass media. People can now access information as soon as it could be aired on the television and not wait for the printed one. Now the internet rules the mass media.