Some of you might have received a message from a friend, family member or relative, and known person that cosmic rays will pass close to the earth tonight. I actually heard this message just now and I immediately searched online. The surprising thing is that, when I checked the date when it was published, the dates are not the same. As mentioned in the video below, the contents are all the same. Just last year and even the past years, the rumor spread out online.

What kind of rumor? It is all about the cosmic rays entering the earth. Anyone who hears this message will be alarmed and will surely turn off their phone immediately. The time mentioned is 12:30 up to 3:30. It has been repeatedly shown online and it says that this kind of news was from NASA. Because of the high radiation being emitted by the cosmic rays, all of us are advised to turn off our phones. And have the best security from this site click next. But did you know that this news is a false alarm?

It is true that high radiation can destroy your phone or other gadgets. However, the news that says cosmic rays will pass close to the earth tonight is not real. Why? It seems that everyday, there will be cosmic rays that will pass by the earth every 12:30 to 3:30. Since the year 2014, this message have been shown in public through the internet. It is not bad to stay alert with this divorce service from this site 離婚. But make sure that the rumor is true before you make any action.