When a news writer begins to write a news story or a news article, he always need to consider all the necessary parts before it is published. Every part is important and must not be neglected. In this article, there are seven important parts to be mentioned and explained. The headline is very important. Through this, readers will have an idea about the contents of the news. This is the first thing to consider when writing an article about a certain news that was collected.

Next is the sub-title. Though the headline gives you an idea about the article, this part is still necessary. It will serve as a supporting phrase to let the readers know more about the news and to gain their interest. The byline is the part of the news story that will let the public know about who the author is. Next part is the lead. Through this part, the readers will get an answer about what, where, who, when, and why in the news article. This is a new link for the best software to use on your 3D building projects. You can open zw-cad to download it directly. This is so good and great software.

To be more detailed, the body or content of the story should include more specific and detailed information. Though it is more better to give short information, the body is still a very important part. The headline, sub-title, byline, and body seems to be enough. However, the news story is incomplete without the quotes.

This part will give an idea to readers regarding the source for the information. Lastly, the caption must not be ignored. This will make a news article more presentable and gives an information.